One Cryptoe will sell for 0.02ETH.

Cryptoe Kids
Age: 5-12
Height: 4'1
Weight: 50lbs

The Story
WTF is happening

Ever wanted to be part or even the hero of an adventure? Now its time to join forces. Cryptoe World was robbed by their kids, in a cloak and dagger operation. 10.000 of them suddenly disappeared, vanished like thin air. The Cryptoes know they have to be somewhere. Maybe they got kidnapped? Maybe they are dead?? Maybe some higher power is involved? We have to find out, Cryptoes stick together! 

Join 10.000 Cryptoes on their Journey threw Galaxy. Handpicked by the president of Cryptoe World and put toghether with 327 traits, so they are perfectly equipped on their dangerous task. We got some hints from Cryptoes Secret Service that the kids could be on four further listed planets in the roadmap.


Be fast
The Launch

10.000 well trained Cryptoes will be ready to mint on the XX* of January. They will be released into galaxy when 100% of the Cryptoes are complete. So be fast, before they leave.
*We will let you know one week in advance

Undead planet

2.500 Cryptoes will land on the Undead Planet, known as the Zombie Planet, one of the most uninhabitable places in the whole galaxy. Knock on wood, lets hope the kids are not there, there is no chance of survival, maybe kind of - as an undead. Your Cryptoe will take some NFT souvenirs back home for you, stay tuned.

trippy planet

After travelling 42 days threw the colorful Psychedelic Worm Hole, 2.500 Cryptoes will arrive at Trippy Planet. It looks like a pretty habitable place, but the appearances are deceiving. They are breathing pure ACID, they could get huge hallucinations, so they would be unable to find their kids, even when they are there. Hopefully they have a nice trip. Your Cryptoe will send you a NFT Postcard, so keep an eye out.

Ape planet

2.500 Cryptoes are travelling threw galaxy to a planet that is populated with an evolved ape kind society. Their species is known as very kind and open, but we have look out that they are not seeing us as a threat. They are way further developed as we are, we would have no chance of survival. Maybe we will get friends with them and we can bring some gear back home, keep updated on Medium.

bunny planet

Sounds pretty save right. Yeah somehow, but not for the 2.500 Cryptoes travelling on this planet. The Bunnys are super cute, but just for young heart individuals. In attendance of adults they feel threatened and they show their razor sharp theet. A fast in and out job, looking out for the kids, taking them and we are gone. They will surely find something to bring back home for you, so stay updated.

Merchandise store

There is no doubt, we will find them! We do everything to get them back to their familys, so we are already setting up a member exclusive Merchandise Store to celebrate the homecoming of our Cryptoe Kids.

Charity Donation

After celebration we also have to give back! We will donate 7ETH to the Child Rescue Coalition. Wich is rescuing children from sexual abuse by building technology for law enforcement, free of charge, to track, arrest and prosecute child predators. For more information:

Exclusive raffle

To thank all brave Cryptoes which risked their lives on this mission, we will make an exclusive raffle and 8 Lucky Holders will win 1ETH each.

new horizons

It’s just the beginning. At this point we will have enough ressources to create a whole ecosystem of exclusive Games and an Animated Series with your Cryptoes, physical & virtual events and some other cool stuff. The best thing about that - the community decides where we are heading.

cryptoe kids

The Cryptoe Galaxy is expanding with a new set of 10.000 Cryptoe Kids. Every Cryptoe Galaxy holder will get automatically on the whitelist for the minting process. New toes, new stories…


Let’s be honest, Cryptoes are fucking awesome, they stick together no matter what. Now they are going on their most dangerous adventure to save one of their own, with some crazy gear on them. 

Sure some of them are leaders and have to go first and some of them are really special in their look, like really special.

Check out your Cryptoes on Rarity.Tools.

any questions?

Developed out of the drive to create something special in the NFT Space, it evolved into something bigger, a space that brings people together. Owning a Cryptoe will make you a part of a unique community which as well as the Cryptoes stick together.
We already work on future ideas and also asking you for your input to build up a community driven Cryptoe Society. The vision is clear, creating a digital brand that merges into the real world.

Every Cryptoe is created with a big collection of different traits. From Background, GLXY, Skin, Nail, Face, Head and Clothing. We will list on upon the launch so that everybody is able to check ont the rarity of their toe.

There will be 10.000 Cryptoes released into the galaxy. You will benefit of a strong community, really cool special editions, being automatically on the whitelist of Cryptoe Kids and maybe your character will play a much bigger role in this story than you would expect.

Minting will happen on the 16th of January at 0.02ETH per Cryptoe. A maximum transaction of 6 Cryptoes is allowed. The complete reveal will take place the day after the launch.


We are a like minded collective of people who believe into the future of an NFT driven society. We are new in this space, but we are super hyped to go down to storyroad with you all :)

Developer and
Community Manager
Artist and
Community Manager